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To startup a restaurant properly, a collaboration of ideas, disciplines, culinary knowledge, management expertise and a passion for operational excellence is required. Restaurant Startups without considering these factors and the interactions between them could be a recipe for slow growth or worse. Having IRHC Group as your guide for a restaurant startup will help you to avoid the many pitfalls to developing a growing restaurant business.

 Operating assessments are the most effective way to create an action plan toward restaurant improvements. A comprehensive operational assessment is a top-to-bottom approach to the entire business. 

What do we look at?
We evaluate all processes and systems, standards of operations, guest and employee experience factors, cost controls, quality of products and services, price versus value relationships, execution of the known standards, training and leadership. 

Florida restaurant Consultants

Florida Restaurant Consulting

Food is the most crucial element of a restaurant’s identity, and long term financial success. Menu development has never been more important than it is today. Guest today are demanding menu choices that are unique, fresh, healthy and compelling. They want a memorable experience that can be captured and shared within social group circles. The menu today must be chef inspired and include farm to table options, sustainable proteins, locally sourced produce, meat and seafood 

 If your systems and processes are locked and loaded, but you need help increasing guest counts, bringing in new guests, obtaining positive online reviews or a mobile friendly or updated website, this is what we call Outside your 4 Walls. Our Restaurant & Hospitality Marketing division specializes in Digital Media Marketing (social media, blogs, campaigns), Reputation Management (online reviews, ratings, SEO), Video Production and Web Design.

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Who We Are

Florida Restaurant Consulting Group is a team of highly experienced, ethical and knowledgeable restaurant, retail and hospitality consulting professionals. Our team members and partners are former chief executive officers, operators and owners of some of the largest hospitality and retail companies in the world. And our professional consultants have achieved proven success in the restaurant, retail, hospitality and hotel/resort/casino industries.
How have we achieved this proven success? Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t see the forest for the trees?” This situation can plague anyone who has to deal with the day-to-day details that it takes to run a company. When you are working so hard to keep your business running, it is hard to see . where things are going wrong and how to make the best use of your resources. Sometimes it is best to hire an expert who can assess the situation to find the root cause of the problem and provide a solution to eliminate the problem from reoccurring. This is what the Florida Restaurant Consultanting team of professional consultants excels at most — developing solutions to fix your problems. Whether it is operations, sales, company branding, or much more, we look at the entire picture to create a custom made solution for you.

Florida Restaurant Consultants created the Inside and Outside the four walls approach. We believe first on the runway of any restaurant is to strengthen the core fundamentals of the operation. This includes the Product Offerings (Food and Beverage), Key Leverage Points, Exceptional Service and Atmosphere before we set our sights on driving in new guest.  The heart of what sets Florida Restaurant Consultants from the rest is we focus on the repeat-ability model that we developed, then we attack viciously the outside of the four walls. The marketing of a brand can only begin if the business is over delivering on the experience inside. Our Secret Formula, PD+KL+ES+AT/ TM=PV2  approach is well proven through out the industry and we have taught this philosophy to 1000’s in hospitality leadership seminars and universities. Contact us and see how we can positively change your restaurants results today.